Sande Stahlguss GmbH
Giessereistr. 32
26452 Sande-Германия
Телефон:  +49 4422 898-0
Факс:     +49 4422 898-188


Vocational training has a long tradition at Sande Stahlguss GmbH. The high demands on our staff with the rapidly changing foundry technology shaped the qualifications of the staff and defines the quality of education. That is why we emphasize a sound theoretical and practical training.

We train:

Technical occupations
3.5 years of training

— Foundry pattern maker

— Foundry moulder specializing in hand moulding

— Materials tester

— Industrial mechanic

Commercial jobs
3 years training

— Industrial clerk

Application materials:

— Tabular CV

— The last two school report cards

Contact via:

Brigitte Günther

Personnel Manager