Steam Turbine

Outer Casing G17CrMoV5-10, 7740 kg, 2810x2300x1200 mm


Steam Turbine

Outer casing with welded on valves in G 17CrMoV5-10


Gas Turbine

Combustion chamber hub and shell GX23CrMoV12-1, 3200 kg and 5500 kg



48″ Axial Control Valve RZD, Material ASTM A 216 WCC, 13110 kg

Mokveld Valves BV, Gouda, the Netherlands


Valve Casing

for a steam turbine, Material G17CrMoV5-10 , 12750,- kg, cast in one piece, premachined, with forged connecting pipes for a 450 MW gas – steam power plant