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Sande Stahlguss GmbH – in the Course of Time

1947 – Formation of the foundry, production of grey cast iron parts for farming equipment as well as spare parts for other machinery

1955 – Shift to the emerging machinery and shipbuilding market with up to 600 employees

1960 – Increase of production of steel cast parts for shipbuiling and machinery as well as crane equipment. Temporary production of nodular graphite cast iron

1963 – Launch of an electric arc furnace and sole production of steel cast parts

1965 – Begin of production of turbine parts for Siemens

1985 – Production share of 50 % for turbine parts. Remaining share for machinery and shipbuilding parts as well as other industries

1993 – Concentration on know-how for individual parts and small series casting parts

1996 – Production of high alloy steel castings G-X12CrMoVW 10-1-1 and G-X12CrMoVNbN 9-1 for high-tech power plant components. Single part weights up to 21 tons, wall thickness up to 600 mm

1997 – Initiation of the second electric arc furnace for a production increase of single weights up to 35 tons

2002 – Further increase of in-house production depth with new numerically controlled machining equipment. First deliveries of finish machined high-tech cast parts for power plants

2005/2006 – Production of Aluminum-free, high alloy steels castings for the international market. Conversion from oil to polymer liquid for quenching. Launch of the Chromite sand regeneration facility

2007 – Production of Boron-alloyed steels for steam turbine parts

2008 – Launch of a modern sand regeneration facility and expansion of the casting bay including the casting pit for large parts

2009 – Building of a hall extension for the melting shop and charge storage.

2010 – Start-up of the new AOD Converter for the production of high alloy and high strength low temperature steels